The Children and Family Label was foundedLifein the year 2018 by Anna-Marie and David. Anna-Marie's passion to dress her children consciously, stylishly and timelessly quickly arose the dream of her own children's label. During the parental period we spent as a family abroad, the decision of common independence fell, so that David not only quit his job at a business consultancy in Hamburg, but also went back home to get further support from family and friends.

The name of our children and family label is not an acronym, but part of our family history and the link to the family roots in the Rhineland.LifeFor us, much more than the love of Rhineland, darling, but a tribute to David's grandmother, who used that love for her grandchildren.

With a lot of love for design for products that are specifically aimed at children, we have together with our design team the first products of the brandLifedeveloped. Where Anna-Marie is the creative part. She loves new and timeless designs and cuts and is guided by nature, culture or past generations. David deals primarily with all commercial and administrative issues.

Our vision is with Life presenting a holistic, high-quality and simple assortment in which not only special attention is paid to the wardrobe of children, but all products for a modern and conscious family life are taken into account. Products where the practical requirements for our children and the aesthetic wishes of parents merge.



We believe in timeless fashion, not trends and fast fashion. Simple, timeless design, timid colours and a lot of attention to detail characterise our range. During the design phase of a product, the durability of the product is determined by the use of optimal materials. Inspirations for our products we collect in nature, on trips or past generations. Only materials suitable for children are used to perfectly match design, durability and longevity.



The choice of a material of our new garments is a complex process and a balance between the origin of the material and the users of our fashion children. For the most part we use fibres made of pure materials such as cotton, wool & cashmere. But synthetic substances also make an important contribution in that they have a positive influence on the comfort and resilience, which is particularly important in children's fashion.



Child-friendly cuts and excellent workmanship produced by selected, family-run and certified factories in Europe and Asia. These have an excellent level of craftsmanship and a great commitment to sustainable production and fair payment. Already when selecting our producers we pay attention to the geographical proximity to their raw material suppliers. Through regular visits we ensure production conditions and thus establish strong relationships with our partners.