This is us

What started in 2018 with Anna-Marie and David as a couple in their own living room is now a small Münster-based start-up with a real leevje family.

    Around Anna-Marie and David the team is growing more and more. Currently, our team consists of 20 wonderful people. Things are always turbulent in our office, no two days are the same.
      While new designs are created in one corner, the next photo shoot is planned in the other and coffee is made in the kitchen. Teamwork counts for us, one can always rely on the other.





        Anna-Marie always manages the balancing act between her three girls at home and the leevje girls in the office. She is the creative part of leevje and works in close cooperation with our fashion team.

          This is what Anna-Marie says about herself:
        • I am the head of the candy stash in office
        • I can communicate with three people at the same time
        • I use as many words in a phone call as others do in a day



        David always has new ideas. Dealing with numbers and data, he takes care of the online store, logistics and co.

          This is what David says about himself:
        • Chaos is always on my side
        • My 4th child is the online store
        • Both at leevje and at home the only rooster in the yard

      Team fashion



      Fashion Design

        Yvonne is head of the fashion team. She comes up with many new ideas and provides new wonderful creations for our different collections.

          This is what Yvonne says about herself:
        • 'Porridge am Morgen vertreibt Kummer und Sorgen' (a porridge a day keeps the worries away)
        • I clap on the plane when we land safely
        • Genuine 'Kaline' from Münster


      Fashion Design (on parental leave)

        As the longest member of leevje, Luisa has seen a lot from the first showroom on Hörsterstraße, to the first women's items in our range, to our own warehouse location.

          This is what Luisa says about herself:
        • Snoopy is my soul mate
        • 'Sad songs make me happy'
        • I do not have enough house for my cushions and candleholders


      Fashion Design

        Sarah designs our clothing and accompanies the styles from production to delivery. She is in close exchange with our suppliers.

          This is what Sarah says about herself:
        • The early bird catches ooonly the early worm
        • A good day for me starts with yoga
        • Sushi is my secret superpower


      Garment Technology

        Claudia makes our items wearable. Through her measurements and specifications, she brings the fashion team's designs to life.

          This is what Claudia says about herself:
        • I wear Christmas socks all year round
        • I have lived a thousand lives in books
        • My chaos has its own order

      Team Product



      Product Design

        In between finalizing the latest board games, handbags, and wooden toys, Janine is already considering other items to add to our wonderful range of products.

          This is what Janine says about herself:
        • A day with chocolate donuts is a great day
        • I'd love to have a giraffe as a pet
        • I collect postcards from everything and everywhere


      Visual Communication & Product Design

        Antonia supports the team in every area. Whilst creating lookbooks for our sales team or graphics for marketing, she also designs our latest stationery.

          This is what Antonia says about herself:
        • Without coffee and insulin I don't function properly
        • Always searching for a more sustainable solution
        • Somewhere between two languages - the UK is my second home


      Product Design

        Imke commutes between Düsseldorf and Münster. She has been supporting leevje for some time now and, like Luisa, was already there at the beginning.

          This is what Imke says about herself:
        • I ride my bike everywhere, even three doors down
        • Loving mother of 14 houseplants
        • In the shower I become a musical singer





        Laura takes care of all our marketing. She takes care of our social media channels where she shows you our new items and shares new style inspirations with you.

          This is what Laura says about herself:
        • Even at midnight I like to bake a cake still
        • Without decoration, without me
        • A good day for me starts with a to-do list





        Ines makes sure that leevje is available in your area. She looks after our retailers throughout Europe and represents us at various trade fairs.

          This is what Ines says about herself:
        • What would Kim K. do?
        • Speak up, it's getting dark
        • Trust the unknown


      Online Shop & Store

        Berenice is responsible for the leevje online store and takes care of its design. She also looks after the leevje store in Münster's city center.

          This is what Berenice says about herself:
        • I'm a cheerful soul
        • At work I have the coolest lunchboxes
        • I enjoy/sneeze every day at work (In German it's a pun!)

      Customer service




        Livia is Laura's support in the marketing team. She creates content, gathers new inspirations and ideas.

          This is what Livia says about herself:
        • Without dogs the world would only be half as beautiful
        • The sun changes my whole mood
        • Homemade coffee barista




      Wholesale and Foreign Trade Clerk

        We are very proud to be able to train since 2023. Tamar is our first trainee for wholesale and foreign trade.

          This is what Tamar says about herself:
        • A good day for me starts with a cup of coffee
        • I collect magnets from every place I have traveled to
        • I am shy and open-minded at the same time